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Denis Glotov

Denis Glotov,

manager of Restaurant Plaza

Restaurant PLAZA – works 24/7 for our guests to experience unforgettable gastronomic miracle. Cooks use products of high quality that makes Master chef Vadim Mescheryakov, a functional member of Russian Guild of chefs, and his team create their own special collection of European dishes in their original performance. Here is the combination of classics and fantasy which will definitely turn your ordinary meal into unique experience.

We successfully use low-temperature technique sous vide, which makes dishes more delicious, rich and healthy. While cooking at low temperatures, a product remains all its nutritive value. For example, a chicken breast cooked at low temperatures and roasted right before serving, appears juicy and tender.

Restaurant PLAZA means varied wine list, premium drinks, first-rate tea and coffee variety.

Vadim Mescheryakov

Vadim Mescheryakov,

master chef

Me and Denis Glotov are eager to learn innovational techniques in cooking. We’d love to share our cooking experience with our guests and give them exceptional emotions.

It’s worth paying attention to our approach to cooking of cream-soups, sauces, side dishes and dish planting. Thanks to a cream whipper our food has such rich tastiness, also the cream whipper encourages us to create original ways of planting, such as green biscuit, buckthorn biscuit, raspberry espuma.

We are happy to invite you to our restaurant to experience remarkable taste.

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